Snakes On The Plane!!!

{March 9, 2007}   LETTER FROM ANDY LANSELL!!!!

Hey I’m Andy, I live in a small country town which goes by the name of Strattford. I live on a farm and I have a girlfriend, Cecilia.I’m not proud of some of the things I’ve done in my time. I cheated on Cecilia with a one night stand and then found out that I got the woman pregnant. I knew I couldn’t hide it from my family and especially Cecilia so while I was at war I wrote them a letter telling them what I had been hiding. I also had to come to terms that i couldn’t just abandon this child as it was mine. I decided I was going to support the baby in some sort of way.

I think I’ve got some courage as I went to war and told my family and Cecilia about cheating on her and about the baby. I like to think I’m a pretty honest guy.

As I enjoy travelling I never even thought whether to go to war or not, it was always I was going to go, to see the world, to be adventurous. I had always wished to use a gun and going to war was one way I could. Training to fight was enjoyable we got to learn how to use a rifle and all sorts of stuff.

As much as I was excited about going to war I was upset to leave Strattford and especially my family and Cecilia.


{March 4, 2007}   LETTER FROM HENRY LYON!!!!

Hi I’m Henry Lyon, I am 18 years old and come from a wealthy family. I just recently finished high school and wish to go to uni to study to be a lawyer, which is what i think i would like to be.

My mum owns a volvo which i often take up to the beach with my mates to do a little sailbording, which i really enjoy. When I was on the way to the beach earlier this year my car broke down. Then this guy Trot came and took me back with him and fixed my car. I also met his at the time girlfriend, Janine. Me, Trot and Janine became quite close.

Recently, me and my girlfriend, Marcelle, broke up, it didnt really seem to bother me I just let it slip away. I’m a pretty easy-going guy when it comes to stuff like that.

But when Trot died i didn’t really know how to react as i had never experienced the loss of someone before. I had mixed emotions running through my head, I was upset and surprised at the same time. In the end his girlfriend Janine and I ended up being together so it ended up giving me someone new in my life as well as losing someone.

{February 19, 2007}   AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP TEST!!!!

Citizenship test

1. What is the cartoon at the top of this post suggesting about the citizenship test?

The cartoon indicates that the citizenship test is racist in the way that it makes it easier for some nationalities and harder for others to become Australian citizens

2. What are some of the reasons given for the introduction of the citizenship test?

The Federal government introduced the citizenship test for the fact that they would rather migrants who want to become Australian citizens to have achieved some sort of functional English and some of Australia’s background.

3. What are some reasons given for people who are against the idea of the citizenship?

The Greens Senator believes that tests are about inclusion not exclusion and that if the government were really serious about helping with their English they would propose language assistance not a compulsory test.

4. Which arguments do you find more convincing? Explain Why.

I find the arguments against more convincing because why would they want people to know about our history because some people who were born here don’t know much. If they were serious about it they would rather have the migrants knowing our language rather than our past.

5. What was the White Australia Policy? Research.

The White Australia Policy was a policy intended to only have white people immigrate to Australia, leaving us a colour free country. This went on from 1830 until 1982.

6. What do you think the writer of this piece thinks of the citizenship test?

– What is the purpose of the piece?

The purpose of writing this piece is to get the point across that the citizenship test is a problem and that he does not like the idea of it.

– What is the writer’s tone?

The writer wrote this piece with a lot of tension.

– What are some of the words the writer uses to describe people who disagree with it?

The writer used words such as yammerers and loud mouths to describe people who disagree with it.

– What effect does using words such as these have on the reader’s perception of these people?

 The thoughts readers would get of people who disagreed with the writer would be that they’re the bad people and that they’re rude and shouldn’t be listened to.

– The article criticises people who overreact to cultural issues – people who worry that people from different backgrounds cannot comfortably co-exist – but is the writer guilty of stirring up such feelings himself?

I personally don’t think the writer feels any guilt at all as he’s only saying what he thinks and feels.

– When he describes Muslim areas, what are some of the words he uses?

He uses words such as “communities” and “ghettos” to describe Muslim areas.

– What emotions do you think the writer is appealing to when he says things like’We’re seeing ethnic gangs, too, capable of pack raping women picked out for being “skips”.’ What language tools does he use to emphasise his points?

The writer uses anger as the key emotion to appeal what’s being said. The Main language tool would be persuasion.

– Do you think the writer likes Australian society as it is today? Explain your thinking.

No i don’t think the write likes Australia this way. I believe that the writer would prefer if Australia wasn’t multicultural because of the way he talks about Muslims and arabs.

– The writer says immigrants who are ‘picked’ through the new test won’t need to ‘assimilate.’ Why not?

I’m not sure why he says this because I don’t know what it means


ME AND FLICK!!!To me an un-Australian is someone who isn’t born in Australia and knows nothing about our background, the way we live or our history, like the day captain cook found Australia, federation, the animals on our coat of arms, the first prime minister etc. If someone wouldn’t allow someone to fly the Australian flag it would be un-Australian as Australians are multicultural and let others fly their flags and should have the same courtesy in return. People who waltz with someone other than matilda don’t deserve to be called Australian. Un-Australian is rather a harsh statement to give as a name to someone or a group of people but it sets them aside from us and gives their culture a bigger meaning. To be un-Australian is to not believe in multiculturilism, not to like sports and bbq’s which are just some of the things aussies enjoy. Australians are always willing to help out another country in a war so to be un-Australian would mean you would only stick up for your country and no one elses. 

These are just some of my outlooks on the meaning of un-Australian :-P:-P

{February 2, 2007}   ME!!!!!


Hey what’s going on?…I’m Nicole, I’m currently doing year 11 at Croydon Secondary College. This is going to be my blog for 2007, throughout the year I will add pieces of work that I complete in english to this.

I love all my friends they mean the world to me…I don’t know what I’d do without them!!!

I also love The Pussycat dolls…they’re hot as!!!

Catch ya later 😛

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